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The finished states of Push pull too. Playing around with differant editing options

CNC out push pull drawings, hand engrave then print.
Creat liner iso bathroom tiles and tile to wall mounts
Vac form molds? Glazing? Shrinkage?
Push / Pull (Displace)

In this Variation of Push / Pull one player must respond to what previous player carves away by extruding the same volume back.

  • Game must be played over and iso grid
  • with an even number of players the player order must switch every round
(Push) / Pull

A variant of Push / Pull. In this game the players are only allowed to carve away at the rectangular prism from the beginning

In Pull / (Push) players may only extrude from the prism

Push / Pull

Game Play

  • Any number of players take an evenly sized piece of chalk each.
  • The first player draws a rectangular prism on a black board.
  • Players take turns extruding another prism from one surface on the drawing, the extrusion can be of positive or negative space.
  • After each move the player must clean off the lines that would be covered by the new geometry
  • The game ends the first time a player runs out of chalk

Hard Mode

  • Game ends when a player leaves a line drawn on a flat surface. That player looses. 


  • The extrusion must run along a singular axes and not turn corners

Push Pull was probably invented by myself and Paul Krix in our studio in 2009. The first game took place with Paul and Philip Grimmett.

Thinking about a vector, shaded output

Thinking about a vector, shaded output

First Push/Pull In Chicago

First Push/Pull In Chicago