Manual Coffeemaker No1 by Craighton Berman — Kickstarter

One of our goals with MCM was to make pour-over more accessible to the less obsessive coffee drinker. Measuring volume (in mL) is just as accurate as grams, and much more likely to be utilized with each brew. Less equipment, simpler life. But if you insist on using a scale, the base can be placed on a Jennings CJ-4000 scale (or similar).

- kotke

triplej's Sunday Night Safran | Podcast

PODCAST UP! Feminist @TheCandyBowers + Male supremacist Aoirthoir An Broc + Trans activist @salgoldsaidso or iTunes

Documentation of early test setups for the upcoming SAIC MFA show 2014

RU OPPORTUNITIES Open Call for Proposals 2015

Netherlands, Exhibition proposal